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Eastham, Cape Cod
Capt. Josh is a Cape Cod native with 30 years' experience fishing and navigating the waters of the Outer Cape. Raised on the waterfront in Provincetown, he got hooked on fishing at a young age and went on to a career as a commercial fisherman before launching his chartering business. With Outermost Angling he carries on a family tradition -- his father, Capt. Zach Zacharias, has been a light-tackle fishing guide on the west coast of Florida for decades.

MY boat for 2013 season

Outermost Angling is running a 2003 Sea Vee center console with twin Honda 150 four strokes. We have all USCG safety equipment on board.


hundreds of cow bass on top

Today was an epic day. I have not seen as many cow bass in a long time, there were hundreds upon hundreds of cows lazying around on the surface and we had a great time catching them on light tackle and the fly. Dick was amazed at the sheer amount of fish we encountered, quite mind-boggling. We spent the better part of four hours catching them, and as the sun came out of the clouds the fish sunk out and you would never know there were any fish in this area. The next spot we tried held monster blues that were tackle busters to say the least. I am always impressed by how hard they will fight to be free again. All in all a great light tackle day on Cape Cod Bay. I think that Dick will be back with his son next week and I will work hard to put them on the quality fish of this morning.

Capt. Josh

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