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Eastham, Cape Cod
Capt. Josh is a Cape Cod native with 30 years' experience fishing and navigating the waters of the Outer Cape. Raised on the waterfront in Provincetown, he got hooked on fishing at a young age and went on to a career as a commercial fisherman before launching his chartering business. With Outermost Angling he carries on a family tradition -- his father, Capt. Zach Zacharias, has been a light-tackle fishing guide on the west coast of Florida for decades.

MY boat for 2013 season

Outermost Angling is running a 2003 Sea Vee center console with twin Honda 150 four strokes. We have all USCG safety equipment on board.


Today was a very good day with our first fish coming early in the shallows. Lots of sporadic bunches but Dave managed to get tight on a Got Stryper prototype. This fish was tough, but Dave showed him the Miami way of willing him to the boat. After 40 minutes we released a nice 73 inch fish. Then we changed locales to find some great topwater feeds. We had many up close and personal feeds all around the boat. Fish were feeding on mac's and were very explosive. Sami G was the man with these fish, fighting 6 (most fights were 20-30 minutes before pulling the hook), getting 2 boatside and blowing up one rod which was a prototype. We still managed to get this fish boatside and released him as well. All in all a great day OTW with Sami, Raymond and Dave. Hope we can do it again.

Sami can fill us in on the gear used

Ronz and Got Stryper stick baits were what I used on my rods along with
Streamline wind-ons
Stella 20000
BH rods

Insane feeds today huge schools of fish everywhere. Fish were blowing macs out of the water, there were some of the best feeds I have seen in a couple of weeks.

Jonathan and the guys from NYC put a hurting on a bunch of fish to 74". They could not pull on them anymore, we left fish to head to the barn. Thanks to John for putting the trip together and for making the trek up from the city to see what Cape Cod bluefin jigging and popping is all about. They will be adding some video and pics later.. Also we used there custom rods with Stella and Daiwa reels with some high end plugs. I will let them post up the details.


Fog and southeast swell

The fishing has been great in spite of some challenges —I have been fighting the southeast swell and more fog than you could imagine. Yesterday we fought a 100-lb bluefin on a bass setup for 40 minutes; although we had him very close the Cabo 40 and Boca rod were no match for this speedster and we lost him. The bass fishing continues to be awesome with fish to 30 lbs. Today we had three hookups with fights ranging from 25 minutes to five seconds. One fish was hooked in 20 feet of water, what a first run he made -- but he broke off. The big tides continue to be a menace. I think it's time for this guy to start fishing some of my giant haunts to the north as some other captains have been faring well up there.

I do have some openings this week and I have one person lined up for an open charter on Sunday. If you are interested in teaming up on the trip let me know.


Today was a nice day got to put a 13 year old on a fish that was bigger than him. Great bass feeds fish to 28 lbs and tuna to 71 " can't beat that I am spent had two to the boat and 5 hook-ups. Back at it in the morning.

Black Hole RONZ special
Stella 20000
Ocean Lures
Streamline leaders


Today Kil, his son Steve, Yoshi and I went looking for a little bluefin. Found them right away -- they were a little sporadic but feeding nonetheless. After a little chase we were tight. I hooked and fought the first one, had it to the boat in 15 minutes. It taped out at 71"; we swam and released it to fight another day. Spent the next hour or so chasing smashing fish for a couple of miles with a few grabs but no takers. Yoshi had a slob hit on one of his custom plugs, but he was so big I think he just pushed the plug away with his sheer mass in the water. We had breezing fish for miles. One more bunch and Kil gets tight. We all smile as this one kicks our butts for an hour and 20 minutes. Get him to the boat; tape says 72.5. We swim and release him — probably a commercial fish but we were not interested in pulling him in the boat for a measurement. Chased up-and-down fish for miles with a few grabs but no solid hook-ups.

Just before we called it a day we encountered a mother humpback and her calf. The mother was tangled in lobster gear. Called the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies' entanglement hotline (1-800-900-3622) and stood by the whale till the rescuers could get to the scene. Glad we could help.

After this week I have ample openings for tuna trips. The fishing has been excellent and the half-beaks are starting to show, which makes for explosive fishing. Call or e-mail to book a trip.

Equipment used:

Black Hole rods
Stella 20000
Ocean Lures
Streamline Wind-Ons

Today was unreal. 9 hookups 2 to the boat it was very sloppy out there lost a commercial after 2 hour battle just sick. We left fish, my guys could not reel anymore. Had the stella locked down and the fish was still peeling out line. Please give me a call if you are ready to tackle one these slobs. I will post some pics later just shot after today.

Ronz and Ocean Lures were the bait of choice for the fish today
check them out at
Streamline wind-ons
Black Hole rods
Stella 20000

Capt Josh Zacharias