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Eastham, Cape Cod
Capt. Josh is a Cape Cod native with 30 years' experience fishing and navigating the waters of the Outer Cape. Raised on the waterfront in Provincetown, he got hooked on fishing at a young age and went on to a career as a commercial fisherman before launching his chartering business. With Outermost Angling he carries on a family tradition -- his father, Capt. Zach Zacharias, has been a light-tackle fishing guide on the west coast of Florida for decades.

MY boat for 2013 season

Outermost Angling is running a 2003 Sea Vee center console with twin Honda 150 four strokes. We have all USCG safety equipment on board.



Today I had the pleasure of taking out Mike and his friend Doug. The morning brought us thick fog but we managed to get some fish boatside. After a couple of moves we got onto the crazy topwater bite that went on for miles. The fish were thick all up on top and would strike at will, what a great morning of fishing. Thanks for the day guys looking forward to doing it again...

Capt. Josh
Fished with Carrie and Hugh the other day. We had a great time despite the weather, wind and rain but that's fishing. I am looking forward to getting them back for a better day. I hope their season in Vermont goes well, also that the sun shines for them on their vacation. Take care, I'll see you next season..

Capt. Josh   


Tuna Fever

Today I had my first tuna trip of the season and it was just an incredible day on the water.   Tommy and Lou and Lou's son Stephen, who are all accomplished anglers, had their work cut out for them. We had multiple swings and misses on the topwater -- finally got hooked up on the vertical. Stephen fought this fish like a veteran angler but had to pass the rod off to his dad due to fatigue, and after a short battle we pulled the hook boat side. Then we moved a little south and got back into the game. On the third drop, Tommy got tight again. This fish did make it in the boat, taping out at 62 inches (and I'm guessing at 140 pounds), and was full of sandeels. We also caught some bass and blues in the mix, and had a great whale show to boot. Even the weather cooperated. Just a great day on the water. Thanks for the trip, guys. Looking forward to having you out again. I would also like to thank Capt. Jeff Smith who put me in touch with Tommy and Lou.                

Capt. Josh 


South Southeast

Today I had Chris Gates and his friend Chris from Colorado for a half day of bass fishing. Lots of wind and rain but that's what makes for great fishing. We had more topwater fish than you can shake a stick at, and were finding the quality fish down in the water column. Great morning with these guys, hopefully we can do it again when the weather will cooperate a little more. I hope the sun will shine for them on their vacation on the Cape.       



Titanic days

Fished the last three days with Andy and Jay, what great people. These guys met on a plane going to different fishing lodges in Tierra del Fuego. They have been traveling to angling destinations all around the world ever since — what a great friendship. Over the last three days we caught some awesome topwater bass and blues on Jay's new Titanic slider. If you want a really quality topwater popper that produces some of the best takes on top, is very durable and reasonable to cast even in 20-knot winds, this is the one. Check out his website at This was their first trip to the Northeast for striped bass and bluefish, and I think it exceeded their expectations. Can't wait to get you guys back out here, and get Andy that first 150-plus pound tuna on the feather.

Cheers mates


Today was one of those days that I will remember for a long time. Richard and Anthony were two of the nicest people you would want to fish with. Great fly fishermen who know what it takes to bring fish to the boat. Looking forward to getting them back out on the water again, and getting a tuna stuck. Great day guys, thanks.      

Had Tom Bradbury out for a day of fly fishing, great day on the water. The fish were very eager to take the fly. The fishing and the company were great, looking forward to having Tom out again in the near future.