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If you are interested in a fly or light-tackle fishing trip on Cape Cod waters give me a call at 774-722-2223 or e-mail me at Also check out our website or like us on Facebook.

About Me

Eastham, Cape Cod
Capt. Josh is a Cape Cod native with 30 years' experience fishing and navigating the waters of the Outer Cape. Raised on the waterfront in Provincetown, he got hooked on fishing at a young age and went on to a career as a commercial fisherman before launching his chartering business. With Outermost Angling he carries on a family tradition -- his father, Capt. Zach Zacharias, has been a light-tackle fishing guide on the west coast of Florida for decades.

MY boat for 2013 season

Outermost Angling is running a 2003 Sea Vee center console with twin Honda 150 four strokes. We have all USCG safety equipment on board.


Fishing the lights

Today I had the pleasure of taking out Steve and Cheryl, what a nice couple. We had a slow start as the launch was delayed because of the fireworks being loaded to the barge outside the Pamet. Once we got rolling things were fine despite the foggy conditions. I checked out a couple of spots that had fished pretty well days prior but the fish were being uncooperative, so we moved to find some stuff that would eat. The fish were on the deep edges suspended, but were happy to take anything you threw at them. They are still packed with squid and sandeels and any other baitfish that might be paddling around the bay. All in all had a real nice half day trip with great light tackle results. Looking forward to doing it again.


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